Listing the Missing Victims to Whom We Need to Provide Justice

Dear Visitors,

I apologize for not updating my site more promptly, but I have had my own family obligation issues to deal with (my Mother is unfortunately in the clutches of dementia, and I have set myself the time-consuming task of visiting her in her nursing home each weekend in Charlottesville). Also the news about the alleged perpetrator in the case, Jesse L. Matthew, Jr., has been happening at a pretty fast clip, and my goal here is not to be first with any news, but to be right.

I intend to have one post for each victim, and as I begin assembling what is known about each disappearance, the blog will get more and more comprehensive.

If, as it seems, the alleged perpetrator is connected with three of these criminal abductions, that is a stroke of luck and excellent police work to connect the dots of these crimes.

2014 11-06

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