Victim: Hannah Elizabeth Graham

Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia sophomore went missing in the early hours of Saturday, September 13, 2014.

She unfortunately became intoxicated either before a party or at a party near the UVA campus, and became disoriented and lost as she walked alone after midnight, trying to find her way back home from a party. I believe these details are approximately correct.

I do not know why Hannah, as a sophomore, supposedly a second year student, did not know enough about her surroundings to find her way back to her dorm. I have heard conflicting comments, that “this was her first year on campus”, so I don’t know whether she transferred in as a sophomore from another school, or what the truth is exactly. I will research these details and post the answers when I know more. Her age, 18 years old, is also unusual for a sophomore. Was she accepted into UVA as sophomore because of her previous educational attainment?

Returning to Hannah’s Walk

Regrettably and tragically, Hannah continued to walk further and further away from the UVA campus, and more and more into danger, as noted by security cameras of various businesses.

She ended up on the “Downtown Mall” of Charlottesville, a pedestrian area with various shops, at least one hotel, restaurants, bars, bookshops and other retail businesses. Security cameras confirm that the alleged perpetrator of the abduction and alleged murder was Jesse L. Matthew, Jr. Cameras confirm that the suspect and the victim were seen either inside, or in the vicinity of the bar Tempo, in the early hours of Saturday, September 13, 2014, and this is the last time we have proof that Hannah was alive.


I will return to finish this entry.

2014 11-06, 8:26 p.m. EST

Listing the Missing Victims to Whom We Need to Provide Justice

Dear Visitors,

I apologize for not updating my site more promptly, but I have had my own family obligation issues to deal with (my Mother is unfortunately in the clutches of dementia, and I have set myself the time-consuming task of visiting her in her nursing home each weekend in Charlottesville). Also the news about the alleged perpetrator in the case, Jesse L. Matthew, Jr., has been happening at a pretty fast clip, and my goal here is not to be first with any news, but to be right.

I intend to have one post for each victim, and as I begin assembling what is known about each disappearance, the blog will get more and more comprehensive.

If, as it seems, the alleged perpetrator is connected with three of these criminal abductions, that is a stroke of luck and excellent police work to connect the dots of these crimes.

2014 11-06

Answers and Justice Delayed are Answers and Justice Denied!

As of today, it has been ten days since University of Virginia sophomore Hannah Elizabeth Graham went missing from Charlottesville, Va.  I’ve established this site as a clearing house for information to help find Hannah, but not only Hannah, but all the women who have been abducted and slain along the Route 29 corridor.

From Alicia Showalter Reynolds, who disappeared in 1996, to Alexis Tiara Murphy, who was last seen August 3, 2013, I wish to find all of these women and find the perpetrators who did these crimes and brought such sadness to this beautiful region.

This, I pledge:  With the help of other interested people, I hope to bring some measure of solace to the bereaved families of these women, and to do my part to rid the world of evil and make our Earth a little better and a little safer.

David Pearce,

Washington, D.C.